Najnowsza technologia umożliwiająca modelowanie, analizę, projektowanie i rysowanie wszystkich typów konstrukcji w 1D, 2D, 3D oraz 4D.
Obsługuje moduł konstrukcyjny BIM (Modelowanie informacji o budynku)


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bim+ Connects Building Experts

Building projects regularly suffer from missed schedules and/or missed cost projections. The underlying cause, in most cases, is a missing or poor connection between the people involved, the building information and the tools used. This is becoming more critical as building projects involve more and more specialists using a range of specialized tools and devices both stationary or mobile, and working from geographically dispersed locations.
Fortunately, solutions based on new information technologies – such as “the cloud” have produced excellent results in various industries and hold great potential for the building industry, as well.
The bim+ platform is designed to adapt and fine-tune these new technologies for the building industry.


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SCIA Engineer 16 as the major release of the year comes with a long list of enhancements, extensions and modifications that extend throughout the whole workflow of a typical user. Some of the new features and improvements are aimed at specialists focusing on a specific type of projects, others will impact the day-to-day practice of literally every structural engineer. Regardless of whether affecting initial modelling, precise analysis or code-complying design, all the new features share the same aim and purpose: USER SATISFACTION.


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