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KGE projektowanie obiektów mostowych i dróg

The structure has an intricate geometry that consists of a series of stacked toroids which are offset, on plan from floor to floor resulting in setbacks and cantilevers to the external elevation and to the inside face of the forum. Due to the complex interaction of structural members the building had to be analyzed as a whole. SCIA Engineer was used to create a full FE model and generate the analysis output used in the design.


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Markthal – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

We used SCIA Engineer to investigate and engineer the complete structure with cost optimization as the driving force for project feasibility: the stability of the superstructure, the interaction between soil, foundations, substructure, superstructure and the behaviour of the cable net facades.



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Modern Office Building ‘Aviatica’ – Prague, Czech Republic

The Aviatica project is the first partial application of BIM in our company. The 3D model in SCIA Engineer was used for modelling and calculating, and formworks and reinforcements were drawn in Allplan. The general IFC format was used for data transfer. The prestressing was implemented with external loads. Vibro-insulation was applied as two slabs connected with a dense field of short columns.


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National Football Stadium - Bratislava, Slovakia

A complex, three-dimensional structural model was created in SCIA Engineer. The model enabled us to design effectively and optimise the load-bearing structural system. It was especially useful in identifying the flow of internal forces in the structural members when the load-bearing system on the fourth and sixth floor changed. As a result, correct and efficient dimensioning of the structural members was achieved.


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TNR Brussels Tower – Brussels, Belgium

In this project, Scia Engineer has been used for several analyses: the global stability, the deformation of the tower, a check of the wind comfort, a second order check, the analysis of the forces in the existing foundation slab, the differential settlement caused by the new tower, the determination of the reinforcement, etc.


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